Faithful companions and invaluable resource: truffle dogs


Truffle dogs, in addition to being unhoped-for and faithful friends, are the companions of an outdoor experience and in nature.

Truffle dogs are faithful and invaluable friends. In addition to being very important in our research, they give joy and liveliness to our “trip” in the woods. Having them close is the best way to enjoy a new experience outdoors and in nature. Four-legged friends, however, must have very specific characteristics. It is essential, for example, that the dog receives specific training. This is so that he can learn not only how to smell the truffle, but how to behave. The ideal would be to train them when they are young, at the end of the third month. With them, however, one can never generalize too much. For this reason, there are no specific dogs for research, but only more or less suitable breeds. All dogs have a certain predisposition, the important thing is them to get used because, among other things, training is required by law. 

A truffle dog for every truffle hunter

For those who are beginners, it is not difficult to find already perfectly trained truffle dogs. On the other hand, a long-time truffle hunter can safely train it himself. In fact, over time he will certainly have gained the experience and the “strong hand” he needs. There are three characteristics that make a dog suitable for research or not: sex, size and smell. Also pay attention to the character. Dogs must be ready to indicate where to dig by stopping immediately when commanded.

The recommended breeds and suitable territories

Choosing a breed means taking into account the territory. Yes, because the morphological characteristics are different from area to area and can make it more or less suitable for certain territories. The Bracco is able to move well in woods with hills and slopes. It is ideal for the Apennines. Pointers guarantee speed in research. They have a long stride and avoid unnecessary efforts to the truffle hunter. However, they are difficult to control and are only recommended for experts. Finally, the Lagotto Romagnolo is indicated for the flatter areas where the woods extend between roads and ditches: they are recommended for beginners.

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