F r e s h T r u f f l e s

Truffles, for those who don’t know are fungi which grow inthe subsoil of the forest. The truffle belongs to the category of tuber and belongs to the family of tuberaceae. Truffles don’t grow up everywhere, but only in some territories which have very specific qualities.

In the past, only few people knew that Calabria and Basilicata were rich in truffles. For example in Basilicata the most interessant area is in the province of Potenza, while in Calabria in the province of Cosenza. It is also very important the area between the Pollino and Sila.
Fresh Truffles

T r u f f l e s , f r a g i l e s u b t e r r a n e a n t r e a s u r e s


In the hilly forest you usually can find variety of truffles as ScorzoneUncinato, Mesenterico and Nero Pregiato; while in valleys, which are cooler and wey, is easier to find the White Truffle (“bianco pregiato”) In the area of Metaponto, by the sea is easier to find the variety of Bianchetto.

All varieties which are in Calabria and Basilicata have many organoleptic qualities and laboratory testing can confirm it. So we can state certainly that truffles of this area are not less important of the truffles of Alba.

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