black truffle

harvest time

15 november
15 march

Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.

dedicated to those who love the most refined tastes

Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini: this is the name of the King of Truffles, the Precious Black Truffle.

Its harvesting period embraces the transition from deep winter to the onset of spring, from November 15 to March 15. It is a hypogeal fungus that grows in contact with various types of trees, such as oak (oak, holm oak, holm oak), black hornbeam, stone and olive. His favourite areas are the hills and mountains, in woods with illuminated soil, well drained (without water stagnation), limestone and sometimes gravelly.

When its time comes, the hunting of the Precious Black Truffle is carried out with dogs specifically trained to recognize its smell. The luck for those who have the privilege of working with this treasure of the earth lies in the fact that this Truffle, when fully mature, emits natural substances that make the area around the tree devoid of vegetation, which is why it is easier to detect.

The Precious Black Truffle, in the eyes of a neophyte, can be confused with the Ordinary Black Truffle (or Bagnoli Truffle), characterized by a strong Phoenician smell, a bitter taste and little commercial value. It is completely different from what is considered the King of the Kitchen, among the Truffles.

The Precious Black boasts organoleptic characteristics that have made it famous all over the world as the “Sweet Black Truffle“.

The precious organoleptic characteristics of the Precious Black Truffle make it, on the other hand, a precious fruit of the earth, so it also lends itself to being an exquisite gift idea for gourmets.Cooking is in fact the undisputed realm of this treasure of the earth: delicious and fragrant, it lends itself to a wide variety of dishes and preparations in which it can be used both raw and cooked because its aroma is not ruined but strengthened in cooking.

There are many recipes that see him as an illustrious participant, from the simple but delicious Truffle Filet to the preparations of aperitifs with bruschetta but also first and second courses of both meat and fish. Highly appreciated also for tortelli or guinea fowl fillings or to embellish pâté.

This is why it is one of our most Intense Passions.


taste the black truffle


It is made of small black warts


When it is mature its colour is black-purple, it is made of white and slim veins which tend to be reddish when it is exposed to air. Veins disappear when it is cooked


Generally it is roundish


Sizes are variable, it may be like a hazelnut or like an orange. It is rarely bigger.

how to cook it

Sweet smell. It may be used in meat dishes.

how to recognize it

For its small warts, its dark purple colour and its sweet smell.

our recipes

Gnocchi di zucca e patate con scaglie di tartufo nero

Tagliare la zucca a spicchi grossi, eliminando i semi ma mantenendo la buccia. Avvolgete gli spicchi in fogli di carta stagnola e cuocete la zucca a 200 °C in forno preriscaldato per 1 ora circa, fino a che la polpa non risulti morbida. Nel frattempo bollire le patate in acqua fredda salata per 40 minuti, oppure in pentola a pressione per 10 minuti dopo il fischio.

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