brumale truffle

harvest time

15 november
15 march

Tuber Brumale Vitt.

dedicated to those who love enveloping tastes

His season is already identified by its name. Brumalis, in fact, literally means winter. This truffle is harvested, among other areas, especially in the Basilicata area, in the heart of our Calabrian-Lucan Apennines. Its favourite symbiotic shrubs are the black pine, the hill, the holm oak, the oak tree but also the stone, the carpon and the cyst.

The Brumale Truffle (or Tuber Brumale Vitt) is in fact a treasure that matures in the earth during the coldest period, from January to March. The harvest, in this short period compared to other truffles, is however able to give Brumale a unique taste, with an aroma reminiscent of dried fruit and undergrowth. The taste, however, appears very delicate with some hints of hazelnut.

Precisely for this reason, the perfect combination of brumale is with dishes with strong flavours, able to support the aromaticity of this treasure of the earth such as red meat and eggs.

This is why it is one of our most Intense Passions.


taste the truffle brumale


It is made of small black warts.


It is grey- brownish, it is made of few large and white veins.


Generally it is spherical.


Tendentially small, averagely similar to a walnut

how to cook it

It is appreciated by people who love strong flavors.

how to recognize it

It is very similar to black Perigord truffle but is different because of its greyish colour, its evident veins and strong smell similar to that of turnip. There is a variety of brumale truffle which has a smell of musk: the so-called truffle MOSCATO (tuber brumale vitt. Var moschatum de ferry); it is identical to brumale for the rest.

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