M a r z u o l o T R U F F L E

Tuber Borchii Vitt.

M a r z u o l o T R U F F L E


Smooth, a light colour, ranging from white to reddish.


Light, tending to fulvo, with few large white veins.


It is variable: if it has grown up in sandy soil it is generally roundish


Generally this truffle has a medium size, it is like an hazelnut but it may be even like a hen’s egg.

How to cook it

The aroma is very strong, alliaceous, its distinctive flavour makes it an important condiment in several courses. The most important thing is that truffle is not too cooked.

How To Recognize It

For the smooth peridium, light or reddish colours, small sizes, alliaceous smell, its development period that is in the late spring.

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