uncinato truffle

harvest time

1 october
31 december

Tuber Uncinatum Vitt.

dedicated to those who love the warmest tastes

Commonly called the “Winter Scorzone“, the ancient name of the Hooked Truffle is Tuber Uncinatum Chatin. It is famous for its intense flavour and aroma, with notes of hazelnut, porcine and grana cheese, characteristics that make it a typical species of winter, perfect to enrich hot dishes typical of this period.

Hill, oak and black hornbeam, its symbiotic plant of choice: the forest is the favorite habitat of the Hooked Truffle, for several reasons. On the one hand because it develops in extremely shady areas, protected from the sun’s rays, which would block its development. On the other hand, the ideal soil for obtaining a good Hooked Truffle is clayey, as it is rich in water and humus. In fact, it is a truffle that develops mainly in symbiosis with broad-leaved trees.

Its ripening period accompanies the transition from the autumn of September to the end of the year. The harvest, in fact, takes place in the middle of the winter, from 1 October to 31 December. The Uncinato is the Truffle that accompanies us over the years, marking the transition from one year to the next, with all the promises that this brings with it.

This is why it is one of our most Intense Passions.

taste the uncinato truffle


It has smaller warts if it is Compared to the scorzone.


It is Hazel, made of white veins more or less slim


It is variable, generally roundish but also flattened.


It is generally smaller than scorzone

how to cook it

Its delicious aroma makes it usable in different courses, it can be used raw or cooked.

how to recognize it

It looks like to Scorzone, in fact according to many it may be the autumnal variety of it. Differences are not always evident and they depend on : peridium, gleba, form sizes ,smell and first of all veist period that is further.

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