white truffle

harvest time

01 september
31 december

Tuber magnatum pico

dedicated to those who love precious tastes

As its ancient name suggest, Tuber Magnatum or Magnatum Pico, it is easy to guess how the Fresh White Truffle is one of the most sought-after and refined types among all these treasures of the earth.

The flavour of the White Truffle is unmistakable: tasty, with ailaceous tones. Probably among the most intense tastes. Precisely for this reason it is ideal for every recipe, from appetizers to first courses, from meat main courses to fish dishes. But not only that: with its strong flavour, it also embellishes seemingly simple dishes such as eggs and is perfect as a filling for artisan pasta or as an ingredient for pizza doughs, focaccia, piadina and dry pasta.

It is so precious and refined that it is served raw, with exquisitely simple combinations: it is enough to cut thin slices of White Truffle directly on the pasta or eggs or even on the main dishes to have undergone an explosion of flavour and make a simple dish a unique experience.

This is why it is one of our most Intense Passions.

taste the white truffle


Smooth, light yellow, sometimes greenish or yellow-ochre.


Yellowish with also hazel or brown tint , sometimes with red dots and white and thin veins.


It can be roundish or very flattended, it depends on the kind of terrain where truffle grew up.


This variety has different sizes; some of them can weigh one kilo.

how to cook it

This variety has an inebriant perfume which looks like that of the methane or fermented cheese. It can be eaten uncooked on cooked cuisine which exalt its aroma.

how to recognize it

For the smooth peridium , light colours , unmistakable smell, its development period in autumn.

our recipes

Cervo affumicato in bottone, finocchio arrosto, liquirizia e Tartufo Bianco

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