How to clean the truffle: all the details


It is essential to know how to clean the truffle. Some varieties are very perishable and risk spoiling easily.

The truffle can be said to be the gold of the undergrowth. Precious, sought after, coveted, it can reach peaks of over € 4,000 on the market. The case in point concerns the Precious White Truffle (Tuber magnatum pico). Other varieties are very perishable and risk spoiling easily. This is why cleaning the truffle in the correct way is an essential practice to keep its characteristics intact. Only with the right procedures you will complete a cycle aimed at preserving its aromas, without risking to ruin it.

The preliminary steps

Traders carry out roughly a first cleaning, especially if they display their goods near the harvesting points. Usually most of the earth is removed which could affect the weight and which would cover too much the peridium. This is the external part of the truffle from which any imperfections can be recognized. The best tip for cleaning truffles is delicacy. Basically we must first understand what the conditions of the fungus are. Then to know the variety and prepare the right conditions for eventual conservation.

Cleaning the white or black truffle: the differences

Cleaning the black truffle is easier, but the colour and the features of the external peel can make the operations more complicated. The greatest difficulty lies in understanding how deep to rub, recognizing the earth residues without damaging the peridium. For the white truffle, on the other hand, it is necessary to have a good dexterity due to the more delicate nature, but it is easier to recognize the earth residues.

The importance of water

There are conflicting opinions about the use of water to clean the truffle. Some expert truffle hunters advise against it even for the most resistant truffles because part of the volatile substances that make up its precious bouquet could be removed. In some cases, however, the earth residues are much harder and difficult to remove. Therefore a trickle of cold water should not allow the truffle to absorb too much moisture. Therefore, always proceeding with great caution, we suggest to evaluate case by case, avoiding wetting the mushroom as much as possible. Before slicing it though, it’s always best to make sure it’s completely dry (and of course clean).

When to clean the truffle and how to store it

Understanding when to clean the truffle depends on the needs you have and the use to be made of it. A deep cleaning, in fact, removes part of its natural barriers, exposing the fungus to a more rapid deterioration. More generally, a rule that is always valid states that the truffle must be cleaned in detail only before being cooked. Furthermore, it should be consumed as soon as possible in its entirety and kept only in case of extreme necessity. In any case, the fresh truffle, after a first cleaning, can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days. It can last up to a maximum of 7/8 days in optimal conditions. In which way? It should be placed in a glass jar together with a few layers of absorbent kitchen paper. It is also possible to freeze it, wrapped in a plastic food bag. However, this will cause the truffle to lose much of its aroma. 

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