How to recognise the Bianchetto Marzuolo Truffle


The Tuber Borchii Vittadini, more commonly known as the Bianchetto or MarzuoloTruffle,, belongs to the same family as the White Truffle, but compared to the latter it has a series of characteristics that make it stand out clearly from its “older brother” (harvest period, fragrance, flavour, etc.) to the point that it can almost be considered as belonging to a family of its own.

White Truffle and Bianchetto: The differences

Harvest Time

The first real difference that distinguishes Marzuolo from White Truffle is the harvest period. In fact, while the latter is harvested between autumn and winter (from September to December), the Bianchetto harvesting period corresponds to that from January to April, reaching its maximum ripeness in March (hence the name ‘‘ Marzuolo ‘’), literally accompanying us from winter to spring.


Peridium has a much darker colour than that of white truffle, with a tendency to reddish that, in periods of greater maturation, approaches dark gold or bronze; the typical colours of a land that has its roots in Magna Graecia.

The size is quite small (comparable to that of a hazelnut or an egg), and the more globular and regular shape that, together with the almost golden colouring, makes these truffles resemble real little treasures donated by the earth.

Where to find the Bianchetto Marzuolo Truffle

Bianchetto Marzuolo Truffle is a typical product of Southern Italy, in particular Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia. It is precisely in our territory that Bianchetto finds a habitat to thrive, as this variety prefers the calcareous-clay soils typical of our broad-leaved and coniferous forests.

Outside Italy, we find Bianchetto in southern England and Continental Europe, as well as in Bulgaria and Iran, where it is becoming increasingly popular.

How to clean the Bianchetto Truffle

Given the shape of the peridium, which does not have particularly deep inlets or difficult to reach, the Bianchetto Truffle is much easier to clean than the White Truffle, although this does not mean that you should not pay the same attention.

In fact, in order not to ruin it during brushing, it is necessary to gently clean it using a brush with soft bristles.

One advantage, compared to the White Truffle, lies in the light shades of the Bianchetto rind, which makes it easier to identify dirt spots. In this case, to remove excess soil parts, simply use a damp cloth to gently rub on the most encrusted parts and dry with absorbent paper.

Cookiing with the Bianchetto Truffle

Although Bianchetto is generally considered less valuable or elegant than White Truffle, it is particularly appreciated in the kitchen, from the most traditional to the most gourmet. Thanks to its intense and at the same time versatile flavour, it can be used for a wide range of research, from appetisers to even desserts.

The aroma of Bianchetto has a bouquet of much stronger and spicier tones, tending more to garlic. For this reason, very few grams are enough to give a more decisive ‘’ tone ’’ to the dishes and, due to its intensity and its ability to ‘‘ impose itself ’’ on each flavor, it is always recommended to use it in moderation.

The flavour of Bianchetto, more aiaceous and spicy, is ideal for all palates that prefer the strongest tastes and is perfectly combined with particularly fatty dishes with butter and cheese, but it is also perfect used raw for soups, soups, velvets and many other recipes.

But the versatility of Bianchetto does not stop at the strongest flavours. For example, Bianchetto is a perfect pairing for desserts or with more delicate flavours such as salmon

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