mission and vision


truffles and truffle hunters, the story of a passion

Our beloved Truffles, for us, are as important and precious as our customers.

Food lovers who choose to indulge in a moment of taste, or a moment of intensity; restaurants that want to make their recipes simple and unique; but also wholesalers, food industries, retailers: all our customers, from b2c to b2b are important and irreplaceable.

For this reason, we produce Truffles and truffle products, able to satisfy all tastes. Because these treasures of the earth deserve love and care, as do those who choose us for their business, to make important dishes or even for a gift.

In order to bring our customers the best fresh or processed truffle products, it is important for us to celebrate and take care of our land and to be in constant search of new and surprising combinations. Our recipes come from the genuineness of the products offered by our land and from a constant work of innovation such as, for example, our Natural Line, with higher percentages of Truffle.

It is from our deep love for this product and the land that generates it that the best comes from.

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