14 September 2020
tartufo bianco calabrese

The season of the Calabrian white truffle begins

Let the show begin! The harvesting season of the precious Calabrian white truffle starts again. These days we are busy reorganizing and organizing ourselves again, a ritual that is repeated every September: take your boots back from the closet, make sure the off-road is fully working and the dog training is completed. Trepidation and excitement are the feelings that return regularly in this period; every season seems the first and every year we hope to do better. Only one goal: […]
26 July 2017


UNMISTAKABLE SMELL : IT MAY OR MAY NOT LIKE BUT IT HAS A LOT OF PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS Black truffle has always been considered precious with an excellent flavour it is used in many dishes. We are  talking about an ingredient which is one of the most renowned. It has also characteristics very important. It has different benefits : it is famous for its antioxidants that tackle free radicals, It has properties that stimulate the production of collagen and is […]