Our experience in Japan: JFEX 2022


The experience gained over the years has allowed us to bring to JFEX 2022, the largest fair of the Rising Sun dedicated to food, a selection of the best products that nature has to offer.

We discovered the tastes, creativity and real needs of such a magical country. We discovered Tokyo, a surprising city made of tradition, spirituality and modernity.

This event gave us immense emotions, it was an honor to see thousands of people satisfied and enthusiastic about our work.

Below is our interview released for LACNews24: 

Sassone Tartufi was born in the late 90s from an intuition of Egidio Sassone, a young boy from Rocca Imperiale. His activity, from a simple hobby, has become one of the leading realities in the area. The experience gained over the years, guarantees the selection of the best forest products, synonymous with genuineness and goodness, and their expert use, with the aim to meet the tastes and needs of the different customers. In fact, the company’s mission is to transmit a true passion and make a vast line of products from Calabria known to the many gourmets scattered across the globe. Precisely to promote this goal, Sassone Tartufi has participated, as the only company representative of Italy, in JFEX Food 2022, which takes place in Japan. It is the largest fair in the Rising Sun dedicated to food

Sassone Tartufi: it is appropriate to say “things from another world”. Attending the largest fair dedicated to food in Japan certifies a consolidated international dimension.

«Exactly. We currently export to 36 countries around the world; the delicacies from the geographical area in which we operate take there innovation and at the same time local traditions».

How important was this event after the pandemic period that held back entrepreneurs, especially in this sector?

«It was certainly a great challenge. Our participation, planned for 2021, due to Coronavirus was postponed until last month. We were aware that we were taking risks, such as not being able to attend the fair again, but we had no doubts that the new step to take for Sassone Tartufi was to start attending major international events. Even during the pandemic, we have indeed been working tirelessly to reach various parts of the world. The choice we made proved to be the right one».

As the standard-bearer for made in Italy and Calabrian food in particular, what attention have you attracted?

«The attention we attracted was enormous. Certainly our products, being part of a history that encompasses our beautiful territory, ensured that we were among the protagonists of the event attended by over 1,000 exhibitors from all over the world. Being the only Italian company there, we felt the responsibility of representing not only Southern Italy, but also the whole Italy».

Which products in particular did you exhibit in your pavilion?

«We brought our entire product line, a vast one that allows us to offer several recipes where the protagonist is always the truffle, which is combined with various local products. Thanks to this, each product “tells a different story” and creates a different atmosphere. In addition, we exhibited the line for the industrial sector, thanks to which we give producers from different areas (such as dairies, delicatessens, etc.), the opportunity to renew their offer to the public with the magic of truffles».

Do such events only represent marketing or do they also express other meanings?

«For Sassone Tartufi taking part in world events like these ones is certainly a challenge, but also a yardstick to measure its own commercial skills. There was a lot of talk about our home territory and we have often received expressions of interest in our traditions. This can be certainly be considered marketing too, but being ambassadors of southern Italian excellence gives a much deeper and more rewarding meaning to our work».

Have you identified commercial formats in Japan that you could replicate in Italy?

«Yes, we have identified several Japanese food products that could be imported into our country. In addition, we have not hesitated to pick up some ideas on how to enhance our raw materials».

In terms of development, what are your investment plans?

«We have confirmed our participation in the same fair in Tokyo next year, and we will be among the premium exporters, given the great interest aroused».

What has this experience in the Rising Sun given you?

«A broader view of our potential: approaching the point of view and the tastes of a people with a such different culture, helped us to understand and appreciate more what we have to offer. So we took with us little secrets on how to improve further».

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