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“Sassone Tartufi” comes from a passion. In the late 1990s, love for the four-legged friend, has led Egidio, a young boy from Rocca Imperiale, a little country in Calabria, to buy his first truffle dog. As often happens, getting truffles, activity pursued by Egidio during his free time, has acquired more importance and has become a commercial activity.

The appreciation of the nature and the love of his dogs, has brought Egidio in his “adventure” in searh of a precious tuber that may arrive on your tables. The experience gained in these years guarantees the selection of better products of the forest. 

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T r u f f l e s A n d H u n t e r T r u f f l e s , T h e H i s t o r y o f a L o v e


In fact, Egidio has expanded the harvest of the precious tuber, thanks to the cooperation with the professional truffles hunters in the area.
“Sassone Tartufi” is located in Rocca Imperiale, a medieval village with a deep history and rich culture, on the border between Calabria and Basilicata. Rocca Imperiale is famous for its PGI lemons, gold which shines in the streets of the village, gold which is reflected in the Jonio Sea. Rocca Imperiale has a fertile territory surrounded by hills and forests where truffle is harvested.


The aim of the “Sassone Tartufi” is to pass down its own passion for natural products and to publicise the wide range of truffles from Calabria and Basilicata to gourmet around the world.

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