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T r u f f l e s A n d H u n t e r T r u f f l e s , T h e H i s t o r y o f a L o v e

Exploring the world of the highly nutritious magical creatures which are produced in the underground natural factory of mother earth is an adventure we started for passion and carried on to bring to our precious customers the unique pleasure of tasting the incomparable fruit of this unseen labour: the fresh truffle.

To satisfy the taste of the gourmet food fans, we create tasty seasonings blending this magic gift of the earth with other natural products like olive oil, sea salt, honey, etc. and we also add the mysterious flavour of truffle to Italians’ favourite dishes like risotto and pasta. Our interest for nature brings us also to have a natural line with higher percentages of truffles. Being always in search for new and surprising blends, we fuse our truffles with delicious food products. We want to keep supplying, in gourmet markets all around the world, wholesalers, distributors, shops, restaurants and our loyal private customers lovers of good food, who are fond of receiving our truffle specialities directly from Italy.

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