Fine Black Truffle juice

7,3818,85 IVA inc.

The fine black truffle juice is a pure product that covers every dish with a marked authenticity.
It is obtained by direct extraction of the truffle during its cooking.
The very essence of the truffle is extracted to enhance the most intense flavors.
An aromatic note to blend first courses, meats and fish.


ITA: Succo di tartufo nero pregiato (Tuber melanosporum, Vitt.), sale.

ENG: Black truffle juice (Tubermelanosporum, Vitt.), salt.

Nutritional value

Valore energetico / Energy value 16 Kj 4 Kcal

Grassi / fats 0,04 g

di cui Acidi grassi saturi /of which saturated fats 0,00 g

Carboidrati / Carbohydrates 0,74 g

Di cui zuccheri / of which sugar 0,06 g

Proteine / Proteins 0,48 g

Sale / Salt 0,01 g


IT: Oltre a quanto dichiarato in MAIUSCOLO al punto precedente, il prodotto non contiene ulteriori ingredienti ad azione allergizzante.

 ENG: In addition to that stated in CAPITALS LETTERS the previous paragraph, the product does not contain any other ingredients which are allergens.

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