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FRESH FINE BLACK TRUFFLE – Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini

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The black truffle – scientific name Tuber Melanosporum – is an underground fungus that matures throughout the winterand grows in contact with various types of trees, such as oak (downy oak, holm oak, oak), hornbeam and hazelnut .
The harvest period runs from November 15 to March 15and is carried out with the help of trained dogs. Fortunately for those who have to harvest, it emits substances that make the area around the tree empty of vegetation, so its presence can be easily detected.

The black truffle is certainly a protagonist in the kitchen: it is also excellent raw, but is usually consumed after a short cooking. Its aromatic compounds do not spoil with heat so it is perfect for any preparation and always retains its particular aroma.

It is important to remember that its taste is enhanced in preparations based on extra virgin olive oil, and that its aromas are enhanced by creaming. So it is also perfect for the preparation of dishes such as risotto, which will then be garnished with thin raw slices.


The fresh black truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vittad.) Is a winter mushroom that is harvestedfrom November 15th to March 15th. The intense, aromatic and fruity aroma and strong but balanced flavour make it the favourite of many connoisseurs and have earned it the nickname “sweet black truffle”. It should be emphasized that it is distinct from the Ordinary Black Truffle (Bagnoli Truffle), characterized by a strong Phoenician odour, bitter taste and low commercial value. The valuable organoleptic characteristics of the Fine Black Truffle instead make it a precious fruit of the earth, so it also make it suitable as a refined gift idea for gourmets.


The Black Truffle has a rounded and fairly homogeneous appearance. The peridium, that is the rind, has protrusions and warts that make it very wrinkled to the touch and is brown, blackish or in specimens not perfectly ripe, wine red; the gleba, that is the internal part of the nose, is instead black-purplish with whitish veins.
The dimensions are very variable and can range from those of a hazelnut (the most common) to those of a large apple (the rarest), even reaching a kilo in weight in the largest specimens.

Where It Grows

This truffle is known as the Fine Black Truffle.
The Fine Black Truffle grows in hilly and mountainous areas, in hazelnut, oak, holm oak, black hornbeam and olive groves and on well-lit, well-drained soil (without stagnation of water), of limestone and sometimes gravel. In the areas where the Black Truffle grows, vegetation is scarce and under the trees the grass is sparse due to dense intertwining of filaments that intersect each other.

For cooking

The Fine Black Truffle is not coincidentally also called “the king of the table”: delicious and fragrant, it lends itself to a great variety of dishes and preparations in which it can be used both raw and cooked because its aroma does not  deteriorate but  is strengthened in cooking.

There are several recipes, such as the simple but delicious fillet with truffle but also many other regional cuisines have reserved ample space for the Precious  Black Truffle. From bruschetta to first courses to main courses of both meat and fish, the only limit is your imagination! Also very popular in tortelli or guinea fowl fillings or to embellish pates. –

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