Fresh Uncinato Black Truffle

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whose scientific name is “Tuber Uncinatum Chatin” – is a truffle with an intense flavor and aroma with notes of hazelnut, porcini and parmesan characteristics that make it a species that lends itself well to the most varied uses, consumed both raw than cooked.

These are its main features:

  • The external part (called peridium) is warty, however, made up of less accentuated black warts than those of Scorzone.
  • The pulp (called gleba) is darker than that of Scorzone, almost chocolate-colored when the truffle is very ripe, and is crossed by very branched white veins.
  • Its shape is variable, it can be rounded but also flattened.
  • Its dimensions vary from those of a walnut to those of a tennis ball, and are basically smaller than those of the Scorzone.

Il Black Uncinato Truffle ripens from September to December and is harvested from October 1st to December 31st, and for this reason it is also commonly called “Winter Scorzone”.

Its favorite habitat is the wood:  it grows in extremely shaded areas, sheltered from the sun’s rays, which would block its maturation.

The perfect soil for its maturation must be clayey, rich in water and humus It is a truffle that develops mainly in symbiosis with broad-leaved trees. It is found in forests of Turkey oa,    It is found in forests of Turkey oak, downy oak and black hornbeam, its preferred symbiont plant.

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