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Truffle sausage


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Carne di suino, sale, estratto di peperoncino calabrese, finocchietto, tartufo.

Peso: 200g ca.

Nutritional value

average for 100 gr of product

  • Energia: 1903 kJ
  • Energia: 455 Kcal
  • Acidi Grassi Saturi: 12,5 g
  • Proteine: 22.2 g
  • Sodio: 4,1 mg

Our sausage is made with pork, Calabrian chilli and truffles. It is excellent as an appetizer, finely sliced or diced, accompanied with cheeses, hot bread, croutons and a good glass of beer or wine. Excellent for filling sandwiches, pizzas or focaccias.

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