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For more than twenty years, Sassone Tartufi has set itself the mission of enhancing and spreading the treasures of the Calabrian-Lucan Apennines inside and outside the borders of our country. A commitment that is not reduced to importing a valuable product that is increasingly in demand in all parts of the world, but which is committed to communicating through taste and passion the history of an activity that, generation after generation, has dug up the roots in our culture.

For this reason, we are proud to announce our participation in the Antad & Alimentaria 2024 Expo to be held from 12th to 16th March in Guadalajara, Mexico, the largest international fair where every year professionals, manufacturers and distributors from the retail sector and HORECA meet to present their products and services.

For us, this is an opportunity not only to present the treasures of our territory to an increasingly wide audience, but also to be able to plant the first seed for future collaborations that will allow our mission to transmit our passion to an increasingly wide and eager consumer pool to get closer to our culture.


A golden age for the Truffle in the world

There is no better time to expand our international network and make ourselves known in the rest of the world with the different varieties of truffles such as Precious White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), Precious Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.), Summer Black Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.), Uncinatum Black Truffle (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin), Bianchetto Truffle (Tuber Borchii Vitt.).

In fact, the last three years have proved to be a very profitable period for the sector, with an increase of about 44% in Italian truffle exports in 2021.

The recent recognition of the Italian truffle as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO has certainly contributed to this momentum. A confirmation of the value and prestige enjoyed by truffles not only as a product, but also as a fundamental component of our history and culture, as well as tenor singing (declared a Unesco cultural heritage in 2008), the Mediterranean diet (Unesco heritage in 2010) and the art of Neapolitan piazzas (2017).

Mexico and Truffles: the first root of a new passion

Mexico’s recent interest in our products, especially truffles, should come as no surprise.

In fact, the agrifood sector in Mexico is constantly growing, with a turnover of about 1.7 billion euros.

The import of Italian food products, in particular, covers about 4% of the agri-food market in Mexico, positioning us as the third distributor of food products in the territory.

This growth stems from the continuous demand for not only good and genuine gastronomic products, of which Italy is now the undisputed symbol in terms not only of taste, but also of authenticity.

What better opportunity, then, to present our most precious fruits in a territory that is discovering and appreciating more and more the flavors and culture of our country?

Do you want to know how we will present our Intense Passion on Mexican soil? Follow the updates on our social pages!

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Sassone Tartufi at the 1st ”Tartufo di Calabria” Convention

On May 28, the first National Conference ”Tartufo di Calabria” (“The Truffle of Calabria”) has took place in Rende, in Cosenza. It was a unique occasion to celebrate the treasures of our land and we, as Sassone Tartufi, have been invited to participate as representatives of excellence in production.

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Congratulations on the award, it's well deserved! You guys definitely know what you're doing. Looking forward to my next visit to the winery!