Sassone Tartufi is a Calabrian company that offers several semi-finished truffle products made with the highest quality of raw materials and with a careful control of the production activity. All products are handmade, combining tradition and modernity.

Truffle preparations may be used for the production of cold cuts, pasta, cheeses, baked goods and various gastronomic preparations.

Creating a truffle product not only means offering its customers a gourmet product with added value, but also means satisfying the most demanding palates, results in creating important margin profits, guaranteeing the company a high purchasing power.

Sassone Tartufi has a great experience in supporting numerous food industries during the process of creating each individual product, providing them with personalized advice and supportive services.

Sassone Tartufi guarantees its customers quality products but above all certified products, being certified by BRC and IFS food, all year round.

We can customize the truffle according to every need

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