Tagliolino di patata viola


A unique recipe that rethinks the classic tagliolino and combines it with the fine taste of the truffle.
A fast and easy recipe that will surprise your palate.

COOKING: 12-15 min



Peel the potatoes and, after having removed the peel and washed them carefully, put them in the fresh pasta machine and shape the potatoes into noodles. Soak them immediately in a bowl of cold water for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, put the butter in a pan to melt.

Drain well and gently squeeze the noodles to remove the water and cook them over high heat with the butter for 12-15 minutes. During cooking, the consistency of the noodle must remain crispy, and we must prevent it from flaking off.

To add further flavor to the dish, add two teaspoons of butter to the Sassone’s Truffles and mix it with salt and pepper.
Now we are ready to serve and garnish the dish with freshly sliced Bianchetto Truffle.

Useful tip

For a really crispy tagliolino, wash and let the potatoes soak in ice water in order to eliminate the starch.
Let’s not forget that the potatoes must be cooked over high heat to avoid creating water vapor that would make the potato soft and prone to flaking.


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