Tartufo nero: properties and benefits

T a r t u f o n e r o : p r o p e r t i e s a n d b e n e f i t s


Unmistakable smell : it may or may not like but it has a lot of properties and benefits

Black truffle has always been considered precious with an excellent flavour it is used in many dishes. We are  talking about an ingredient which is one of the most renowned. It has also characteristics very important.
It has different benefits : it is famous for its antioxidants that tackle free radicals, It has properties that stimulate the production of collagen and is aphrodisiac; in fact  it looks like that its substance brings well – being and improves the attraction from the partner. There is no scentific evidence but this characteristic is attributed to an alcohol whose smell is of musk. In addition it helps the digestion.
Black truffle- the price- the cost of truffle averages around 400 euro, but it increases for that of an higher quality: a black truffle is a small treasure that may have a very important value.
So let’s talk about pratical advice.

Preservation of black truffle: the best thing is obviously to consume truffles soon, newly acquired; but this is not always possible. To freeze them in aluminium foil is a good idea! Despite its nature earthy and dry it is perishable and it should be consumed soon , within 10 days from the purchase.
So if you don’t want to freeze them you should preserve them at the temperature of 3 °C in clay pots ( not plastic pots). But first of all you have to clean them with a brush and cool water.

Black truffle- the recipes.
Truffle exalts every dish from the easier to the most complicated and elaborated . It makes magic everything with its aroma and flavour. Its smell that tasters associate to that of the sea salt can exalt sausage, meat and several courses.
It makes easy dishes, as for example eggs or omelette, delicious dishes, very exquisite. It is delicious also in the pasta ( the truffle risotto has to be eaten at least once in the life!) its aroma and flavour will be remembered forever. An easy toast with truffle and oil, a truffle cream of pumpkin, some poached eggs with grated truffle or a lamb with truffle are recipes very particular and exquisites.

You don’t have to mix truffle with other strong flavours because some sauce could “cancel” the aroma of truffle. According to experts the ideal temperature is 57 °C and not more, so be careful about the cooking!

Lastly, let’s talk about the truffle harvest! For the white truffle typical in Piedmont, the best period is october. As for the black one, typical in umbria, the best period is that of decemer . As for the price the most precious is the white one which is more uncommon.

Credits: elle.it

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