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Sassone Tartufi was born in Rocca Imperiale, a little country on the border with Basilicata on the Jonio Sea. Rocca Imperiale is on the Apennines Calabro-Lucani whose summit is about 200 metres above sea level. The coast is distant 4 kilometres.

These factors characterize the particular microclimate which has already made rocca imperiale famous for its lemons that have obtained the mark PGI.


A p e n n i n e s c a l a b r o - l u c a n i , t e r r i t o r y o f e x c e l l e n c e


Rocca Imperiale and the surrounding area have a particular climate, characteristics which have made this little country important in the production of truffles with excellent organoleptic properties.

In Italy, historically Piedmont, some areas of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria are the major producers of truffles in the world. Anyway regions of Southern Italy as Calabria and Basilicata , are also rich in white and black truffles. The production of truffle in this area is very important and deserves to be celebrated.

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