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Golden Almas – King of Kings

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Una specie rara, adatta ai palati più fini ed esigenti.

Uova di piccole e medie dimensioni, con un colore ambrato traslucido unico, il caviale Almas da una piacevole sensazione con trame raffinate e un sottile tono di nocciola.


Ingredients Raw Sturgeon fish eggs, salt, Preservative E285.

Origin From  Farmed Species (RUT)

Organoleptic Properties

Appearance: yellow-white tones Flavour/ Taste: Characteristic: Flavour typical for sturgeon eggs/ cracking/melting eggshells. Egg Character: small/medium eggs – 2 mm to 2.2 mm

Physical and chemical parameters

Consistency: Firm eggs and stable more than soft. Salt: 3.5%.

Foreign Matter: Absent Extraneous materials: Membranes and fat clusters shall be absent Food additives: Boric acid levels below 4g/Kg (expressed in boric acid).

Allergens: The product is considered fish allergen in accordance with Dir. 2003/89/CE 

Product Composition Serving size 100g

Nutritional FACTS

Energy: 1000kJ/ 250 kcal

Fat: 15.32 of which saturated fatty acids 2.6g Carbohydrate: 3.1g

Sugars: <0.5g

Protein: 24.8g Salt: 2.34%

Storage & Distribution Control Conditions Keep/ store at -4 ºC to + 4ºC Should be transported under refrigeration at 0° C to 4° C Shelf Life Up to 6 months under recommended storage conditions

Instructions for use: To be consumed directly by the intended consumers.

Intended Consumers : General Public, young including vulnerable Groups such as the Sick & Elderly. If the product is used for further processing, the processor should take care of the quality and safety of the processed products. Not suitable for consumers allergic to fish

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