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White Sturgeon Caviale

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Appare dal grigio scuro al nero, tipicamente uova di medie dimensioni.

Ricco di sapori burrosi con un sottile sentore di fruttato.

Il caviale di Storione bianco italiano ha una consistenza morbida e cremosa, garantisce un’intensità che soddisferà il tuo palato.


Ingredients Raw Sturgeon fish eggs, salt, Preservative E285.

Origin From  Farmed Species (TRA)

Organoleptic Properties

Appearance: Amber brown to black

Flavour/ Taste: Characteristic: Mild fruity and delicate.

Egg Character: Small-Medium eggs – 2.9mm to 3.2 mm

Physical and chemical parameters

Consistency: Eggs can be easily separated from each other

Salt: 3.5%.

Foreign Matter: Absent

Extraneous materials: Membranes and fat clusters shall be absent

Food additives: Boric acid levels below 4g/Kg (expressed in boric acid).

Allergens: The product is considered fish allergen in accordance with Dir. 2003/89/CE 

Product Composition Serving size 100g

Nutritional FACTS

Energy: 1000kJ/ 250 kcal

Fat: 15.32 of which saturated fatty acids 2.6g

Carbohydrate: 3.1g

Sugars: <0.5g

Protein: 24.8g

Salt: 2.34%

Storage & Distribution Control Conditions Keep/ store at -4 ºC to + 4ºC Should be transported under refrigeration at 0° C to 4° C Shelf Life Up to 6 months under recommended storage conditions

Instructions for use: To be consumed directly by the intended consumers.

Intended Consumers : General Public, young including vulnerable Groups such as the Sick & Elderly. If the product is used for further processing, the processor should take care of the quality and safety of the processed products. Not suitable for consumers allergic to fish

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